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WITH THE BOOT SPEED OF AN APPLIANCE New PCS-8277 telematics system based on
CorebootŪ technology with HD graphics processing engine

PARD-S071TW In-Vehicle Computer with touchscreen

FREMONT, CALIF. —August 23, 2011—American Portwell Technology, Inc., ( announces PCS-8277, a revolutionary in-vehicle PC-based telematics system with powerful graphics/video processing capability, an appliance-fast system boot and easy maintenance design. PCS-8277 features a dual-core AMD G-T56N 1.6GHz processor, Radeon HD 6310 graphics engine, fan-less design, wireless communication support (3.5G, WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth), support for CAN BUS 2.0B and Coreboot technology that enables a system boot in less than 5 seconds—a revolutionary achievement for a traditional x86-based platform.

PCS-8277 is the ideal solution for applications such as in-vehicle signage, in-bus and on-the-train surveillance systems, and fleet dispatch and remote management.

Fast and Robust
American Portwell’s PCS-8277 in-vehicle telematics system is equipped with a great range of features. It includes two Gigabit LAN ports to enable fast and independent data upload and download, and an external accessible HDD/SSD bay to make systems maintenance and upgrade easier than ever. It is built with a well-protected enclosure that complies with MIL-STD-810F (method 514.5) vibration operation requirements that ensure system operation in harsh environments. In addition, the PCS-8277 runs on a wide range power input of 9V-32V DC for more flexible power input selection. It is also designed with an intelligent delayed boot/shut mechanism with surge protection to ensure system reliability operating in the dynamic transportation environment.  Moreover, it comes with an integrated digital I/O for remote control and monitoring of peripheral devices without the need for extra control/sensor modules.

Great Computing Power and Enhanced Graphics in a Fanless Compact Platform
According to George Liao, senior product marketing manager at American Portwell Technology, Inc., other manufacturers of PC-based telematics normally use low-end processors to facilitate a fan-less design that is capable of functioning in a wide operating temperature environment. “PCS-8277, however, uses a state-of-the-art high-end dual-core processor,” Liao states, “and customers can still run the system in fan-less architecture. This configuration enhances system reliability while reducing maintenance and the faster processing feature allows a system developer to use high-end software or real-time programming within the in-vehicle applications,” he adds. In addition, PCS-8277 is equipped with a HD graphics engine, which is capable of handling high definition video stream. This HD graphics engine supports multiple video formats, which makes PCS-8277 perfect for applications such as in-vehicle digital signage because it reduces the CPU’s loading and enables it to operate more smoothly when multi-tasking. “The PCS-8277 indeed delivers the most powerful graphics/video processing capability currently on the market,” Liao confirms.

Boot up in a Flash
George Liao believes the new PCS-8277 has revolutionized the traditional x86-based platform. “By incorporating Coreboot technology, the system boot time can be less than five seconds,” Liao explains, “which makes this PC-based platform function just like an appliance. The Coreboot technology not only shortens the system boot-up lead time so dramatically,” Liao adds, “but it also increases operation efficiency, especially for applications that require frequent stops, such as mail and package delivery services. ”

Simplified Installation
Liao further points out that the company made a special effort to simplify complicated installation and configuration procedures by designing the new PCS-8277 with built-in rich I/O and control protocols. “We also kept our eye on future product planning,” Liao confirms, “by providing a three mini-PCIe bus for added module expansion, giving the PCS-8277 the most expansion-ready bus available in its class. Not only that,” Liao adds, “but customers also gain peace of mind from the long life cycle support inherent with every Portwell product.”

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