1U rackmount network security appliance, MIPS64 Cavium Octeon 31XX series 2 cores and up to 500MHz, up to six gigabit ethernet ports with one bypass segments, up to one 32bit PCI expansion slots

  • MIPS64 Cavium Octeon processor with 2 cores and up to 500MHz

  • Security, Regular expression and compression/de-compression functions inside

  • Up to Six Gigabit Ethernet ports with one bypass segments

  • Two DDRII 533/667 memory slots and option up to 256MB DFA RAM on-board

  • Up to one 32bit 3.3V PCI expansion slots

  • 65W PSU
Ordering Guide
KiLIN-6005-1270  1U Communicatoin Appliance with 3 copper Gigabit Ethernet and 1 10/100 Fast Ethernet
KiLIN-6005-3270  1U Communicatoin Appliance with 6 copper Gigabit Ethernet and 1 10/100 Fast Ethernet
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